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Early warning, those who easily hit the shoes of vintage shoes!

“You can judge a person by wearing one’s shoes, where he has been and where he is going.” This is a passage in the movie Forrest Gump, and a pair of shoes may really decide where to go. The movie actor Forrest Gump wearing her girlfriend to send her NIKE CORTEZ running shoes several times across the scene across the United States to impress fans, with the movie’s success, this pair of running shoes popular all over the world, this is the first impression of retro running shoes.

“Like him, is that he is good, how he is good, I had thought I could, but I simply can not, I can not forget him” This is the movie “Spring Jiao and Chi Ming,” a section of the classic lines, said he liked a People, simply can not forget, so is the shoe.

Was born in the 70s and 90s retro shoes, with a similar appearance of Meng, lack of personality they once faded out of the mainstream market, but like to be liked after all, childhood will not forget one glance, more and more in pursuit of individuality In the era, more people in the moment to choose righteousness, back to nature, choose comfortable, low-end, wild retro shoes.

N reasons to choose retro shoes
With the “Spring Jiao and Chi Ming,” the actress, starring Shawn Yue played New Balance shoes phenomenal level selling. “Shawn with the same paragraph shoes,” the propaganda abound, and the spark of a prairie fire to promote other brands of retro running shoes appear hot. More people began to pay attention to retro running shoes, the spring of retro running shoes arrived.

1, retro shoes nostalgic atmosphere thick
If you are a nostalgic party, then please be sure to look here. Some people say that people who remember the past often show that you are old. Maybe you have forgotten the love of Li Lei and Han Meimei, but you certainly can not forget that childhood shoes.

Nike CLASSIC CORTEZ Argan shoes
Forrest Gump worn by the runner, is a legendary shoes for more than 40 years, nostalgic party not to be missed. 1967 runner Bill – Bowman designed the first CORTEZ running shoes, went through the Onitsuka brand, 1975 was officially renamed NIKE CORTEZ, was the best-selling running shoes, although NIKE CORTEZ after several design, functional improvements, ” Argan shoes, “the essence has been extended.

2, retro feel comfortable shoes
Retro shoes shape can stay adorable, monotonous, professional performance may not be as good as the new shoes, but can not say that the retro shoes must not have comfortable running shoes, now running shoes will ignore some of the performance for the performance, sometimes the most traditional but the most comfortable, Only uncomfortable feet know.

new balance New Balance M998 men’s retro running shoes
New Balance M998 is one of the most comfortable New Balance shoes, the first application in the M998 shoes ABZORB cushioning midsole can absorb more than 99% of the ground reaction force, effectively reducing the reaction force of the foot. The use of breathable mesh design toe with braided material lining, the New Balance M998 more breathable, better wearing.
3, many retro color shoes
“I am me, is a different color of fireworks.” Hello, color control! If you like to use color to represent your mood, every day will wear different colors, maybe you only wear your favorite color, then come here to see it.

New shoes Street Balance New Balance MT580 has many color, in addition, to curry favor with the design of the trend is very appetizing street sports fans. Shoe body with ENCAP cushioning in the end + ROLLBAR carbon fiber stabilizer film device, so that New Balance MT580 technology has become a “vase.”

4, non-mainstream style of retro shoes
Refused to hit the shoes! Refused to hit the shoes! Refused to hit the shoes! Important things to say three times, now designed shoes full of personality, but the chance of crashing shoes bigger, when you carefully selected a pair of shoes, at a wedding and different people hit three shoes, perhaps it should have been cold. Aceh and Virgo Look here.

5, retro shoes are wearing wild
In fact, shoes should be this way, but also with a variety of costumes and a variety of occasions. If you can have a pair of “all-around shoes,” it will certainly save you a lot of energy.

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